Welcome to the Zoom Webinar registration page 

On this page, you will be directed to the webinar of your choice to attend. 

Have any question contact us. 

1. Pick a view. You can select between a gallery view, where you see everyone, or a speaker view, in which the person talking is front and center and everyone else is smaller at the top. To adjust the view, use the icon button at the top right of your computer. The location may be different on tablets and phones.

2. Look for the microphone. On the lower left of the Zoom screen is a microphone button. This is also the mute button. If you have a lot of background noise where you are, do your companions a favor and hit mute when you’re not speaking. A red slash will be indicated on the microphone icon when you’re muted. Tap the icon again to unmute.

3. Start a chat. Along the bottom of your screen, you’ll see a chat feature. It opens a messaging section on the right side of your computer screen. Here, you can send a message to the entire group or send a private message to an individual.


If the video is choppy or freezes, you may have trouble connecting for a few possible reasons. You can leave the call and exit out of Zoom, then rejoin the call by clicking the invite again.

Didn’t work? Close any other programs or windows that are open. You can also restart your computer, but that can take a little longer.

Didn’t help? Try moving closer to your internet router.