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Commission on Health and Wellness - Health Tips - August - December 2019



You and Your Credit!

Yes, the day has finally arrived and you can freeze your credit a report at Experian, Transunion, and Equifax for FREE! It costs absolutely nothing to freeze your account! You will have to contact each credit reporting agency separately. You will then receive a pin number to unfreeze your account whenever you wish. You can also check and freeze your minor children's account to ensure they do not become the victim of consumer fraud.



You must also mail supporting documents to verify your and your child’s identities and that you’re the legal guardian of your child. That can include copies of:·

  • Power of attorney.
  • Foster care documentation.
  • Your and your child’s social security cards.
  • Your child’s birth certificate or other government document showing parentage.
  • Your driver’s license or state- or government-issued identification card.

Children who are 16 and 17 must request their own credit freezes online at the three national credit bureaus. In some cases, they may need to mail in copies of a driver’s license or state-issued identification.